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Investment Team  
Uli W. Fricke
Dr. Bernd Geiger
Sumanta Pal
Damian Wozniak

Venture Partners
Dr. Xin Chen
Dr. Anthony Park
John J. Rosati

Board of Advisors
Dr. Jeff Austin
Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumgarten
Michel Courtois
Dr. Karl Ebetshuber
Dr. Friedrich Gauper
Thomas Hille
Prof. Dr. Heinz Juergen Müller
William E. Rogers
Prof. Dr. Georgios Sakas
Prof. Dr. Horst Salzwedel
Diederich Seckelmann
Prof. Dr. Stefan Seeger
William Shiebler
Prof. Andrey Ushakov
Eckhard Wolff
Prof. Dr. Lars Wolf
Prof. Dr. J. Wolfrum

Dr. Bernd Geiger, Managing General Partner, Founder

Bernd is one of Triangle’s founders. He is focused on medical technologies and technology-related software companies. Besides many other pro bono activities, Bernd built and chaired the IPR Master Class of EVCA and advised the European Commission’s ICT task force as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Currently he serves as managing director for semafora, iPharro, takwak and iOpener.

Bernd studied physics in Berlin, Ypsilanti(Michigan, USA) and Heidelberg and holds a PhD in Natural Sciences from the prestigious University of Heidelberg.

In his leisure time Bernd enjoys skiing, water sports, running and playing the piano.

You can reach Bernd at: b.geiger@triangle-venture.com